Mini facelift or micro facelift is the ideal procedure for a first natural facelift. Unlike the cervico-facial lift, which is a complete face-lift, the mini lift is indicated for the first limited, localized slackening.

A mini facelift lifts facial muscles that have begun to sag over time.

It is offered to relatively young men and women from the age of 40.

Surgical detachment is limited, so social exclusion is short.

The mini lift tackles the cause of aging. The muscles are repositioned as they were a few years earlier.

Thanks to the mini lift, the face looks younger, on average ten years younger.

The oval of the face is restored and the beginnings of jowls are erased.

The fat melting that begins to appear is also corrected by this mini lift technique.

The ideal age for a mini lift is around 45.

The mini lift is most often complemented by non-surgical techniques to achieve real facial rejuvenation. During your consultation, Dr. ELIAS plastic surgeon specializing in mini-lifts in Geneva, can refer you to Botox injections or hyaluronic acid treatment.

If you are interested in mini lift, please contact Dr. Elias for more information!

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