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The aim of buttock lift or buttock augmentation surgery is to restore the shape of the buttocks lost through age or weight fluctuation. The buttocks are higher and more rounded.

Buttock lift surgery involves either placing a silicone prosthesis in the buttock muscle or injecting one's own fat taken from elsewhere.

Given the higher complication rate and the complexity of the operation, silicone implants are less widely used in Europe.

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer is also known as Brazilian buttock lift in honor of the country in which it was developed. This procedure involves collecting the patient's own fat by liposuction.
The most popular areas for liposuction prior to buttock augmentation are the lower back, waist, flanks (love handles), thighs and stomach. This procedure not only provides the raw material for buttock enhancement, but also contours the areas around the buttocks for a more dramatic result.
Buttock surgery takes into account the size, shape and quality of the buttock skin. A buttock lift is most often recommended after significant weight loss when there may be sagging or excess skin.


Buttock lipostructure

Lipostructure or buttock augmentation is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. If combined with a buttock lift, a 2-day hospital stay is indicated.

Lipostructure alone does not leave a scar. Some of the fat (between 20% and 30%) will reabsorb, and the final result can be seen 3 months postoperatively.

This technique will suit you if you wish to have a slight to moderate augmentation of your buttocks. Convalescence is also short.

This procedure is devoid of major risks if the fat injected in reasonable quantities is placed directly under the skin and not in the gluteal muscles.

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