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For men, face lift techniques and mini facelifts are recommended for the treatment of sagging and sagging skin and facial muscles. These procedures will redefine the oval of the face, and treat the areas of the cheeks, jowls as well as the neck. This can be apply to both men and women and the benefits of this surgery are considerable. The patient will look about 10 years younger with a natural result and almost invisible scars.

The indication for a facelift will apply more to patients with a loosening and excessively large cutaneous excess skin compared to the mini facelift that can be done at age 45 and that will solve the problem of muscle laxity rather than skin laxity.


The surgery can be performed in Geneva or Genolier under general anesthesia. A hospitalization of 24 up to 48 hours is recommended in order to carry out a postoperative monitoring in the event of uncommon cases of bleeding. The scars are very discreet and will be placed at the edge of the hair and ears. The skin will be redraped naturally and excess skin will be removed.

After the intervention:

The patient can leave the clinic the day after surgery or at the latest two days later. During the first week after surgery, it is recommended to rest and avoid any effort. The face will present bruises (blue) more or less important that will appear mainly in the chin and neck, with edema (swelling) from the 2nd day. These discomforts will be temporary and will disappear within approximately two weeks.

The result:

The results following this type of surgery can be seen quickly and the patient will look forward to his new appearance already within 3 months of the procedure. The final result will be visible within 6 to 9 months post surgery.

A redefined face, a less tired look and a rejuvenated overall appearance, these are the benefits of a facelift or mini facelift.



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