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    Dr Elias, Plastic Surgeon in Geneva, Switzerland

    Dr Elias, plastic surgeon in Geneva, Switzerland is expert in the rejuvenation of the face (facelift). In less than 3 hours, the patient becomes ten years longer without having a lifted look. Breast implants are part of his expertise as well as complications related to breast enhancement.

    Having tought nose jobs to residents of plastic surgery at Geneva University Hospitals for years, Dr Elias is known to his colleagues as one of the pioneers of rhinoplasties as well as complications related to them.

    Body reshaping with liposuction, lipostructure or tummy tuck is also one of the solutions that Dr Elias can offer his patients to improve their quality of life.

    Finally, for those who are seeking prevention treatments or those who are not willing to undergo surgery, fillers based on hyaluronic acid or botuline toxine have shown to give great results in aesthetic medicine.

    I heard about Dr ELIAS from a friend. She went to see him when she approached 50. She came back looking 10 years younger and i could not tell what happened. He did the same to me. My face looks naturally younger. I’m happier. My friends tell me about how this procedure changed my behavior. I have more confidence in me I can only recommend Dr ELIAS.
    Lena dubois

    Dr Elias did a great job with my nose. I can only recommend him if u want a natural result.
    Ben white

    Ben White

    Dr Elias is an utmost competent and professional surgeon. Meticulous and up to date with the latest technology. The cabinet offered me outstanding advice prior to a blepharoplasty surgery and left me with an outstanding result, looking less tired, feeling confident and the best at my age. I can highly recommend Dr Elias and his team.

    Knirke Fester Schindler

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