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Botuline toxin or Botox® is a substance that reduces muscle contraction by acting at the neuromuscular junction.

Botox® injections are carried out in complete safety at Dr Elias's plastic clinic in Geneva.


The principle of botuline toxin is the use of its muscle relaxation properties. Botox injection ® is designed to reduce the action of the muscles located, for example, at the level of the glabella (frown lines), in order to reduce both the horizontal wrinkles and the vertical wrinkles caused by the contraction of these muscles (expression lines), making it possible to smooth the skin contours and thus obtain a rejuvenating effect by relaxing muscle tension.


The main purpose of Botox® treatment in Geneva is to improve lines and wrinkles at rest and not to prevent muscle contraction: therefore the result will be judged primarily on the appearance of wrinkles at rest. It is very important to minimize the risk of bleeding in treated areas by avoiding taking aspirin during the 15 days before injections and 15 days that follow.

This treatment involves a series of injections. The needle is thin and injections are usually not painful. The treatment lasts 5-10 minutes.


Effects: the results are visible after a few days but for about 15 days,

the effects on the face can be variable (or unbalanced at times) before finally stabilizing.

Side Effects: headaches and eyebrow ptosis have been rarely reported but are always reversible after a few days.

Frequency of Botox® injections: Injections should be performed several times with intervals of 3 to 6 months to obtain a stable result. From the second injection, the results may last longer (6-8 months).

However, it is recommended not to schedule two sessions of botuline toxin injections within three months to avoid the creation of resistance produced by a “vaccine effect”.

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