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The skin on the inner thighs is thin and fragile. It is therefore quickly affected by natural aging or weight variations. This deterioration is often resented, and the demand for repair is therefore strong.

The problem of excess skin is often accompanied by the problem of excess fat localized at this level. The increase in volume can become annoying, especially when walking.

A thigh lift is a procedure performed under general anesthesia to reduce fatty infiltration by liposuction, but also to remove excess skin and securely suspend the remaining skin for effective tightening.

The scar resulting from the thigh lift is located on the inner thighs. Complications are rare, except in the case of smokers, who are advised to quit smoking completely at least one month before surgery. Results are unrivalled when compared with non-invasive laser treatments. The satisfaction rate of both patients and surgeons is very high.

Our recommendations following a thigh lift operation

After a thigh lift, patients can be discharged the day after or two days after the operation.

To ensure proper recovery from thigh lift surgery, a 1- to 3-week leave from work is required, depending on the nature of the patient's profession.

It is imperative to avoid sport and strenuous activity, which may weaken the result of the thigh lift during the first 6 to 8 weeks.