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    Clinique de Genolier

    At Clinique de Genolier you will benefit from the expertise of recognised practitioners, both surgical and medical, of one of the most modern technical platforms and from personalised attention in a comfortable and nice hotel environment.

    The Clinic offers:
    – ultra-modern technical platform
    – one of the most up-to-date operating suites in Europe
    – competence centres in orthopaedics, cancer treatment, general and cosmetic surgery
    – the presence of an on-duty doctor and an anaesthetist 24/7, security pledge;
    – an outpatient centre accessible to all patients insured in Switzerland
    – a wide range of additional services at the residence Les Hauts de Genolier (spa, fitness facilities, etc.)
    – a committee for hygiene and the prevention of hospital-acquired infections which studies measures taken to fight and monitor infection.

    At Clinique de Genolier, everything is done to ensure that the patient’s stay is as pleasant as possible.
    There are several categories of rooms and services to choose from, depending on the patient’s individual needs.
    Our clientele service is at the disposition of patients who are not insured in Switzerland and organises their stay.

    The personnel are at the disposition of the patients for the duration of their stay and strive to adapt the services to meet differing needs and particular requests.

    Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

    “Perfection is our nature”

    At Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, which was founded in 1899, this slogan has become a reality that is demonstrated on a daily basis.
    The attitude at our clinic is unique and is felt throughout the premises, from the reception area, to the six care units, to the specialised centres equipped with the latest medical technology such as the Da Vinci® robot.

    The “Beaulieu Attitude” can be summed up as a commitment to the highest standards, to innovation and involvement.
    Our staff, composed of accredited, first-rate medical specialists, experienced and well-trained hospital personnel, as well as efficient and caring administrative staff, make a point of striving for perfection at all times.

    Clinique Générale-Beaulieu is also known for its state-ofthe- art facilities which feature some of the most powerful medical apparatuses in the world. Our physicians and medical assistants use this highly complex equipment to provide even better care, under the safest and most comfortable conditions. Clinique Générale-Beaulieu is also a warm and caring place that is conducive both to medical treatment and
    recovery. Whether they are Swiss or foreign, the patients, together with their families and visitors, enjoy first-class, personalised, and attentive service at Clinique Générale-Beaulieu. We deserve the trust they place in us.



    Road of Florissant, 112
    1206 Geneva



    +41 22 366 91 90



    Clinique de Genolier
    1272 Genolier (VD) – Suisse



    +41 22 347 26 10

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