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The correction of prominent ears requires surgery called otoplasty. An otoplasty can be performed in adults or adolescents, but most of the time this surgery can be done from the age of 7, when the child start to complain about his appearance and suffers.

The intervention

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia ( after 10 years old) or general anesthesia ( between 7 and 10 years old), as appropriate. The choice between these different techniques will be the result of a discussion between the patient and the surgeon.
A bilateral otoplasty lasts around 90 minutes.

Recovery period

A bandage ( elastic band) is put around the head without compression to maintain the ears in a good position. The pain is usually moderate. Analgesic treatment is administered. The first big bandage will be removed between the 2nd and 5th day after surgery. Beyond that, it will usually be replaced by another bandage lighter for a few days. The ears will then appear swollen. Bruises are usually present. This aspect is only transitory. A band of protection (type tennis band) should be worn at night for a few more weeks. During this period, physical activities and sports with a risk of contact should be avoided. Exposure to cold is not recommended for at least two months.

The result

One to two months is necessary to start appreciating the result.
3 to 6 months are mandatory to clearly view the contours of the ear.


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