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Breast reduction aims at reducing breast size, correct ptosis correction and a possible asymmetry in order to get both nice ascended, reshaped harmonious breasts. Breast reduction for hypertrophy can be performed at the end of puberty throughout lifetime.


Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia, during which you sleep completely. Hospitalization can last from two to three days. The procedure consists at removing excess glandular tissue. The surgeon adopts a different technique to each patient in order to get the best result. Dr. ELIAS, a plastic surgeon specializing in breast reduction in Geneva, adopts his own technique, which he adapts to each case to obtain the best results.





Recovery period

The postoperative pain of breast reduction is generally mild, requiring only simple analgesics. Edema (swelling) and bruising (bruises) and a slight breast discomfort are frequently observed. Recovery period can last from 8 up to 15 days. Sport activities can be resumed after one to two months.


The result of breast reduction is visible immediately after surgery but the shape and size of the breast is not final before one year. Beyond the local improvement, this procedure generally has a favorable impact on the balance of weight, sports, clothing options and psychological state.

At your first consultation, Dr. ELIAS will advise you on the best size, taking into account your morphology and your desires. His field of expertise encompasses liposuction andabdominoplasty for the most harmonious silhouette.