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The price of plastic surgery can be given as an indication by contacting Dr. ELIAS either at his practice in Geneva on +41 22 366 91 90, or in Genolier on +41 22 347 26 10, or simply by email.

For the price of plastic surgery, you will receive a detailed estimate during your initial consultation. This is based on a comprehensive questionnaire and a thorough examination of your problem. On the other hand, the firm and definitive price of plastic surgery in Geneva will depend on the type and duration of the operation and the length of the stay in the clinic.

The precise estimate will be sent to you after the first consultation by post or email.

The price of plastic surgery will include surgical fees as well as post-operative follow-up. The quote will also include anesthesia, operating room and room, if applicable.

For this reason, it’s very difficult to give you a price over the phone without examining you, as each patient presents specific problems. There is no such thing as a standard procedure with a standard operating time for a particular area of the body.

For more information on the prices of our aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery procedures in Geneva, contact Dr.Elias, the referent plastic surgeon in Switzerland, to request a detailed estimate or to make an appointment!