Breast augmentation: what you need to know!

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Breast augmentation aims to increase the volume of the breasts or modify their shape so as to harmonize the bust with the rest of the figure. This procedure is designed for patients looking to gain cup size, or those suffering from breast ptosis (sagging breasts). Breast augmentation can be carried out either for aesthetic reasons, or for repair purposes (following an accident or illness).

Breast augmentation: who is it for?

After an ultrasound, mammogram and blood test, the doctor examines the mammary gland, fatty tissue, chest muscles and skin quality to determine the implantation site and the type of prosthesis to be used. The practitioner takes into account the patient’s expectations and desires. At the end of the diagnosis, different breast prostheses in bra form are tried on to guide the patient in her choice of model.

  • For patients suffering from underdevelopment of the mammary gland (severe hypotrophy) or its total absence: agenesis or amastia.
  • For patients with tubular breast malformations due to a narrowed breast base and areolar procidence (wide, distended areola).
  • For patients who have had their breasts removed after cancer or an accident (mastectomy).
  • For patients with congenital breast malformations such as Poland syndrome.
  • For patients wishing to correct breast asymmetry.

Breast augmentation with implants

Two types of breast prostheses are available to customers wishing to have their breasts augmented:

Anatomical breast forms

Anatomical breast forms are distinguished by their ability to reproduce a natural breast shape (teardrop or pear). Thanks to its natural appearance, this type of prosthesis is particularly suitable for breast reconstruction and for patients with thin fatty breast tissue.

Round implants

Round implants guarantee a more pronounced décolleté than anatomical breast implants. Because they are hemispherical, rotation of these implants does not alter the shape of the breast.

Breast augmentation with own fat (lipofilling)

Breast lipofilling increases breast volume without implanting prostheses. This involves reshaping the breasts by injecting fat taken from the patient’s body. Unlike breast implants, this method presents no risk of rejection.

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