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    Plasma Lift PRP – Mesotherapy



    Plasma Lift with PRP ( Platelet-Rich Plasma ) consists of taking a blood sample from a patient and centrifugate it for 5 minutes to obtain Plasma that is extracted and reinjected in the dermis of the face and neck with micro-needles. The Plasma obtained is rich in Growth Factors and produces a platelet concentration 5 times that of native plasma. PRP is scientifically proven to promote tissue remodelling and rejuvenation in aged skin. The skin looks healthier, younger and fresh with less spots and less wrinkles. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes and can be repeated 3 times a year for maximum efficiency.

    Mesotherapy is a medical treatment performed on the face, with or without application of anesthetic cream. It involves the administration of multivitamin products (hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E) by micro-injections into the skin.

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