Aesthetic surgery for men

In most cases, interventions that can be offered to men are the same as for women.
The most common procedure for men is rejuvenation of the face.
Bag under the eyes can usually be corrected with a transconjonctival blepharoplasty.
This technique leaves no visible scar.
Excess skin in the upper eyelid surgery is treated leaving a discreet small scar barely visible in the fold when a patient closes his eyes.
Facelift in men is done by pulling the muscle underneath the skin upwards ( 45 degree angle) and covering it with the skin after removal of its excess. In order to avoid visible scars, there should be no tension on the sutures.
Body contouring surgery like liposuccion, lipostructure or tummy tuck or combination of these interventions are also frequently proposed.


This procedure is common in young men and is source of discomfort and impair their self confidence.

This pathology is characterized by :
– excess localized fat
– excess glandular tissue development
– a combination of both excess fat and glandular tissue
– gynecomastia may present unilaterally ( one breast) or bilaterally ( both breasts).

Gynecomastia can be treated surgically after a blood test check up as well as an ultrasound examination.
Excess fat and glandular tissue can be removed with or without skin.
The result is a better proportioned, more masculine-contoured upper body and the freedom and self confidence to lead an active life.
Surgical removal of excess tissue is performed by excision and/or liposuction. This procedure can include areola reduction.
Initial swelling should dissipate in 2-4 weeks. Final results may appear in 2-4 months. Incision lines will continue to fade for up to one year.
Significant weight gain can reverse results.

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