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    Breast Implant

    Breast implants are the solution to the problem of small breast.

    In women, the breast may be small since the end of puberty or may become small as a result of weight loss or breastfeeding.

    The only natural, effective and safe way to get or find a larger chest is the placement of breast implants behind the pectoralis major muscle according to the double plane technique.

    Indeed to obtain a natural result, the implant is placed behind the muscle at the neckline and behind the mammary gland under the nipple.

    There is a major increase in confidence among all patients without exception after this intervention.

    This is an average 90-minute surgery that is done on an outpatient basis in general clinic anesthesia.

    If you are interested in a breast implant, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Elias for personalized advice.


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