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    Liposuction of the belly


    Liposuction of the belly is performed in local or general anesthesia depending on the volume of fat to be treated. It can be practiced as a single intervention or associated with a belly lift or tummy tuck. The indication for liposuction alone is an excess of fat located at the abdominal level without excessive skin. Patient weights must have been stable for at least 9 to 12 months prior to surgery. The result depends on the skin type of each patient. Young patients who have not had significant weight changes are excellent candidates for abdominal liposuction. Patients who have had pregnancies should often benefit from an associated tummy tuck procedure. The technique of vibroliposuction is used by Dr. Elias. It consists in using microcannula 3 to 4 mm in diameter connected to compressed air and, after infiltration of adrenaline and cold physiological saline, to suck pure fat with few red blood cells while preserving all the structures nervous and vascular. The postoperative period after this technique compared to the conventional technique is the clear decrease in postoperative pain as well as edema and bruising less important.



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